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5 Reasons to Seek Professional Support for Weight Loss

You’re sick and tired of diets that seem to work for a few weeks or a few months and then leave you heavier than before. Until you understand the reasons why your body holds onto extra fat, losing it may be a losing battle. We can help.

You’ve read over and over that diets don’t work. And that’s been your experience, too.  

No matter how many calories you restrict or how many you burn during a workout, your weight loss is either too slow or too temporary. It doesn’t help to know that you’re not alone — part of the two-thirds of women and men in the United States who are overweight or obese. No matter what the statistics say, you do feel alone. And very, very frustrated. 

Joon Lee, MD, and our team of experts at SeeBeyond Beauty in Scarsdale, New York, hear your frustration. That’s why we offer medical weight loss customized to your unique body, metabolism, and lifestyle. 

How can medically supervised weight loss succeed where other methods have failed? Following are just five reasons that professional help can benefit you. 

1. We determine the causes behind your weight gain

How can you fix a problem before you know what’s caused it? That’s why the first step of our medical weight-loss program begins with an in-depth examination of your biology.  

We don’t just hand you a list of foods to eat or avoid. We use diagnostic tests to uncover issues that may be at play in your body, such as:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • Slow metabolism
  • Heavy metal toxicities
  • Food sensitivities
  • Food allergies

These tests provide the definitive answers we need to start customizing a treatment plan that will work just for you. No more guessing or seeking out the latest fad.  

2. We don’t let you “diet”

One reason traditional diets never produce sustainable results is that they themselves are not sustainable. Of course you’ll lose weight if you’re only eating 1,000 calories a day! But if you continue on that type of severe calorie restriction, you won’t get macronutrients and micronutrients you need to thrive and stay healthy. 

In fact, most restrictive diets set you up for weight gain, rather than loss. Severe calorie deprivation sends a signal to your body that you’re in a starvation environment. Once you reintroduce a normal amount of food, your body doubles-down in preparation for the next “starvation” period. Those extra calories get stored as fat. 

3. We customize a new lifestyle plan

Instead of “going on a diet,” we customize a new way of eating that respects your body’s needs and sensitivities. For instance, if gluten causes inflammation in your body that leads to weight and fat gain, we have you eliminate gluten for life — not just until you lose weight. 

Our medical weight loss team helps you devise a real diet — a lifetime diet — that lets your body feel nurtured but respects your soul, too. Instead of merely slashing out foods you’ve enjoyed eating your whole life, we help you find new favorites. 

The same goes for exercise. We don’t prescribe the same exercise regimen for everyone. We help you find activities that you love and that are also within your fitness range. Little by little, we help you expand your daily and weekly activities until you’re giving your body the positive stress it needs to burn fat and build muscle. 

4. We improve your health overall

One of the most amazing benefits of a medical weight loss program is that it improves your overall health. Your new customized way of eating and moving helps you reverse or prevent:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalances

We also use a unique body-composition analysis called the InBody Scale that measures not just how many pounds you weigh but also your proportion of fat and water to muscle. That way, you can be sure that when you lose weight, you’re losing unneeded fat instead of essential muscle tissue. Random diets without supervision put you in danger of muscle loss. 

5. You’re never alone

Health is a team effort. We help you lose weight and keep it off so you look better and feel better.  

In addition to our customized diagnostic and treatment plans, we also help you stay accountable by measuring your results, including weekly InBody check-ins. We’re here for moral support, too, and to answer any questions you have. 

If you’re interested in learning why professional medical weight loss is the solution you’ve been looking for, phone our helpful staff during office hours for a free consultation. You can also request an appointment online at your convenience.

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