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I Want to Say Goodbye to My Double Chin — Can You Help?

Gone are the days when a double chin was a sign of beauty and wealth. If you’d love to bid your double chin adieu, we can help. Double chins, no matter their long history, are no match for today’s cosmetic technology.

Excess submental fat, known colloquially as a double chin, probably isn’t on anyone’s list of beauty must-haves these days. In fact, if you have a double chin, you probably wish you didn’t. 

Even if you’re otherwise slim, you may still sport an extra pouch of fat or loose skin beneath your chin. A double chin makes you look both heavier and older, no matter how fit and youthful you are.  

Where there’s a problem, there’s usually a solution, especially when it comes to an aesthetic issue that affects women and men of all ages. At SeeBeyond Beauty in Scarsdale, New York, Joon Lee, MD, and our medical aesthetic team offer several solutions for double chins.  

If you’re overweight and the extra fat under your chin is one of many areas you’d like to improve, you might benefit from our medical weight loss program. 

If your double chin is accompanied by loose skin or jowls, you can see dramatic improvement from a FaceTite® treatment. If the only thing you’d rather not see is excess chin fat, then Kybella® or mesotherapy may be the best choice. 

Following is a brief guide to each of the choices that can help you say goodbye to your double chin. We help you decide on the right course of action based on your personal history and your unique needs. 

Is your double chin just one area you need to improve?

Sometimes, a double chin is a sign that you’re carrying too much weight overall. If you’re overweight or obese, making permanent lifestyle changes helps you drop the extra pounds and reduces your risk for chronic disease.  

A healthy diet that emphasizes fresh, whole foods and plenty of exercise and movement improves your health and also melts away pounds, including fat on a double chin. If you’ve tried dieting before without success, medically supervised weight loss helps you shed excess weight and keep it off for life. 

Is your double chin droopy?

A double chin may also be a sign of aging. As your skin loses collagen and elastin, it becomes drier and thinner, so it tends to sag and create the dreaded “turkey neck” or “waddle.” 

FaceTite is a treatment that removes excess fat from your mid-face and lower face, including from under your chin, while tightening the skin overall. The heat from radiofrequency energy melts away unwanted fat cells under your chin and triggers a healing response that makes your skin produce more collagen and elastin. 

The result is a firmer jawline and chin. FaceTite also firms your midface so your cheeks are more lifted and contoured. It can even tighten and firm a turkey neck. 

Is your double chin the only thing you want to lose?

If you’re at a stable, healthy weight and your skin is still firm and pliable, you may only want to remove the genetically resistant fat deposits under your chin. In such a case, your best treatment is Kybella, an injectable form of synthetic deoxycholic acid. 

Your own body produces deoxycholic acid to help break down and digest dietary fats. When injected directly into the fatty area under your chin, Kybella breaks down and destroys the fat cells there. Your body then gradually eliminates the debris for good. 

Once Kybella has destroyed a fat cell, it can’t reconstitute. Each Kybella treatment eliminates about 8%-20% of fat in the area. You may need about 5-6 Kybella treatments to completely eliminate excess fat and tighten your under-chin area. 

Kybella treatments only take about 15-20 minutes each. We cleanse, apply antiseptic, and numb your skin before applying the injection template and administering Kybella. You may feel a little swollen and sore after Kybella, but that generally resolves within a day or two. 

We can also augment the effects of Kybella with another technique called mesotherapy. Using dermal fillers, we create a firmer, better sculpted jawline that helps pull up the slack of a loose or double chin. 

Yes, we can help you get rid of that double chin

You don’t have to live with a double or loose chin or resistant fat any longer. Contact our SeeBeyond Beauty team today to learn more about our treatment options by using our online booking form or just phoning or texting us at 914-533-1802.

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